La Bohème

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Masters of Montmartre

The unique lithographic œuvre of the famous posters of Toulouse-Lautrec is shown in this exhibition. Presented in close interaction with works by his forerunners and contemporaries this comparison allows the visitors to both feel and experience the Belle Époque and to trace the origins of modern mass advertisement. The complete œuvre of Toulouse-Lautrec can be found in only two museum collections in Europe. This show presents his incomparable œuvre in full together with works of Alfons Mucha, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen and Felix Vallotton.

Exhibition objects: over 110 posters
Exhibition space: approx. 600 sqm, adjustable in size
Exhibition catalog: German/Italian, German/English

Exhibition venues:
MAN – Museo d’Arte della Provincia di Nuoro, Italy, June 22, 2018 – October 21, 2018
Galerie Stihl Waiblingen, Germany, January 26, 2019 – April 22, 2019
Museum Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt, Germany, June 30, 2019 – September 29, 2019
Landesgalerie Linz, Austria, October 17, 2019 – January 19, 2020
Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, UK, February 15, 2020 – May 26, 2020
Millesgården, Lidingö/Stockholm, Sweden, June 13, 2020 – September 20, 2020
Kunstmuseum Moritzburg, Halle (Saale), Germany, May 9, 2021 – August 8, 2021
Kulturstiftung Schloss Britz, Berlin, Germany, September 5, 2021 – December 5, 2021
Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Gera, Germany, March 2, 2022 – June 5, 2022
Münchner Künstlerhaus, Munich, Germany, June 24, 2022 – August 14, 2022
Kunstmuseum Brandts, Odense, Denmark, September 3, 2022 – January 15, 2023


This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Musée d’Ixelles, Brussels.


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Ambassadeurs‐ Aristide Bruant, 1892
© Musée d’Ixelles

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Jane Avril, Jardin de
Paris, 1893
© Musée d’Ixelles

Théophile‐Alexandre Steinlen, Tournée du Chat noir. Théâtre de Mons, 1896
© Musée d’Ixelles

Alfons Mucha, Champagne Ruinart, 1897
© Musée d’Ixelles

Pierre Bonnard, France‐Champagne, 1891
© Musée d’Ixelles

Jules Cheret, Moulin rouge‐ Paris Cancan, 1890
© Musée d’Ixelles

Félix Valloton, La Pépinière, 1894
© Musée d’Ixelles


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La Bohème

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Masters of Montmartre

Toulouse-Lautrec og stjernerne fra Montmartre the successful exhibition of the Institute for Cultural Exchange is moving to its next venue: From September 3, 2022 to January 15, 2023, Toulouse-Lautrec’s extensive lithographic poster work from the collection of Muséé d’Ixelles is on view at the Kunstmuseum Brandts in Odense, Denmark. Toulouse-Lautrec, like no one else, was able to capture the atmosphere of the Parisian nightlife through reduced, but expressive forms as well as intense coloring.  Accompanied by works of Lautrec’s predecessors and contemporaries, like Alfons Mucha, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen or Félix Vallotton, the exhibition gives a profound insight into the fascinating world of the art poster around 1900.

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