Category: Photography

Ferenc Berko

The exhibition shows distinctive b/w photographs of Ferenc Berko‘s early creative period in the spirit of the “New Photography” and the thrilling photographic reportage from the period which Berko spent as director of photography and film in India. A substantial part of the exhibition consists of the abstract color photographs, Berko produced during his time… Read more »

Japanese Photography of the 1960s

12 photographers, ranking among the most important representatives of Japanese photography of the 1960s, convey their views on Japan during a time of rapid economic growth and corporate change. The spectrum extends from photo reportage and the spontaneous situation-portrait, from symbolically rich production and graphic abstraction to the poetics of picture narration. They show the… Read more »

Gunter Sachs – The Art of the Camera

For more than half a century Gunter Sachs was not only one of the most colorful, but also one of the most misinterpreted personalities in public life. As much as his extrovert lifestyle made him a “lover of beautiful women” in public perception, so did he devote his entire career as a “lover of the… Read more »

Dennis Stock

The photographer Dennis Stock, born in New York in 1928, became internationally known at the end of the 1950s with his photographs of James Dean. The exhibition, comprising 119 b/w photographs, provided an outline of his work in the years between 1951 and 1971. Dennis Stock accompanied the shooting of numerous films and his pictures… Read more »

America Yesterday

Andreas Feininger, born in 1906 as the oldest son of the famous painter Lyonel Feininger, belongs to a generation of artists who, in the period after the First World War, discovered photography as an artistic medium in itself and developed new photographic perspectives. Andreas Feininger‘s work is characterized by two main topics: city views and… Read more »

Egypt at the time of Flaubert

This exhibition shows selected works of early travel photography. During the first half of the 19th century, when Daguerreotype just has been invented, Egypt was a very popular travel destination for numerous painters, authors and archaeologists. They were inspired by this new media, not only because of artistic reasons but also for the purpose of… Read more »

Weegee – The Famous

Weegee‘s photographs form an impressive document of modern city life – in all its brutality, violence, and pitilessness. Through his photography, he recorded the traces the Great Depression of the 1930s and 40s left behind. No less drastic are his photographs of New York‘s high society. They constitute a sarcastic comment on the rich, which… Read more »