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Engineers of the Sea

The exhibition included a selection of exclusive photographs taken by the photographer Roberto Rinaldi while taking part in the latest coral reef expedition of the Cousteau Society, which set sail in 2003 – 50 years after the first expedition of its founder Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Supported by the International Watch Company (IWC) Schaffhausen, this project focused… Read more »

IWC Museum

In July 2007, the IWC Museum opened on the first floor of the historical headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The concept for the museum, which was set up by the Institute for Cultural Exchange, comprises the display of more than 230 carefully selected exhibits. Display cases, which appear to float in mid-air, impart the history, philosophy… Read more »

Speed and Spirit

Nicknamed “Picasso of the Camera”, Hungarian-born artist and photographer Zoltán Glass – one of the “best-known unknown” photographers worldwide – is showcased at this exhibition with a selection of 116 of his best b/w photographs from the 1930s. Rediscovered by Mercedes-Benz Classic, visitors can admire car-show images, pictures of technical details, several examples of creative… Read more »

The Perfect Moment

The exhibition shows Mercedes-Benz icons of photography. Images, in which composition, light, subject and emotion all align perfectly to capture the perfect moment. The icons stand out from the plethora of photos, fascinating their viewers and becoming an embodied testimony of their time. More than 60 photographs are on display, representing the genres art, fashion,… Read more »