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Max Pechstein

The exhibition Max Pechstein – Visions of a better world pays tribute to Max Pechstein, a pioneering figure of Modernism and a prominent member of the “Brücke” movement. It showcases his vibrant oil paintings and watercolours, along with his expressive drawings and prints. It is also accompanied by photographs personally taken by him, as well… Read more »


Surrealism – Worlds in Dialogue highlights the surrealist vision and its lasting ripple effects on subsequent generations over the last 100 years to the present day. It creates space for dialogue through the presentation of works by Surrealist avantgardists in juxtaposition to their contemporary successors, thus resulting in the artworks of the past regaining their… Read more »

Dreaming the Land

Curated by Adj. Prof. Margo Ngawa Neale, this exhibition offers an immersive journey into the vibrant realm of Australian Aboriginal art. It highlights a contemporary movement dedicated to preserving the deep cultural wisdom and profound significance of the land, known as Country, across successive generations. With a carefully selected collection of around 120 artworks, which… Read more »


The exhibition Expressionism in Art and Film aims to shed new light on Expressionism across conventional boundaries of genre and to show the common influences between the arts of painting, graphics, and film. In painted and moving pictures, the exhibition shows how deeply Expressionism was permeated by the crisis of its time and how loudly… Read more »


Thanks to technological developments in biogenetics and artificial intelligence, humankind will increasingly be able to transform all living things, nature, animals, plants as well as the human body itself, with far-reaching consequences. The exhibition Supernatural. Sculptural Visions of the Body addresses the future of the body in the era of the Anthropocene. How will our… Read more »

Ferenc Berko

The exhibition shows distinctive b/w photographs of Ferenc Berko‘s early creative period in the spirit of the “New Photography” and the thrilling photographic reportage from the period which Berko spent as director of photography and film in India. A substantial part of the exhibition consists of the abstract color photographs, Berko produced during his time… Read more »

Japanese Photography of the 1960s

12 photographers, ranking among the most important representatives of Japanese photography of the 1960s, convey their views on Japan during a time of rapid economic growth and corporate change. The spectrum extends from photo reportage and the spontaneous situation-portrait, from symbolically rich production and graphic abstraction to the poetics of picture narration. They show the… Read more »

Gunter Sachs – The Art of the Camera

For more than half a century Gunter Sachs was not only one of the most colorful, but also one of the most misinterpreted personalities in public life. As much as his extrovert lifestyle made him a “lover of beautiful women” in public perception, so did he devote his entire career as a “lover of the… Read more »

Patricia Piccinini

“This wilderness is my universe!” (Patricia Piccinini, 2018) Australian artist Patricia Piccinini lets us explore the future. The artist’s world is teeming with hybrid creatures that could have been given life through the most recent digital and biotechnological possibilities. The extensive overview addresses relevant social questions on techno-scientific discourses from a feminist perspective. The reception… Read more »

La Bohème

The unique lithographic œuvre of the famous posters of Toulouse-Lautrec is shown in this exhibition. Presented in close interaction with works by his forerunners and contemporaries this comparison allows the visitors to both feel and experience the Belle Époque and to trace the origins of modern mass advertisement. The complete œuvre of Toulouse-Lautrec can be… Read more »

Leonardo da Vinci

The exhibition presents Leonardo da Vinci as an inventive genius, far ahead of his time. More than 110 facsimiles and 25 models as well as interactive multimedia units provide insight into Leonardo‘s unimaginably rich and diverse, inventive and scientific work. The numerous working models range from fascinating inventions, like a fully functional parachute, to war… Read more »

The Romanov Tsars Treasure

The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg assembles the treasures of the Romanov Tsar dynasty existing under one umbrella. Tsar Peter I. the Great was a passionate collector. Under his reign, the collection and preservation of art became as important as the solution of political, economic or military matters. On his travels abroad, he acquired… Read more »

Dennis Stock

The photographer Dennis Stock, born in New York in 1928, became internationally known at the end of the 1950s with his photographs of James Dean. The exhibition, comprising 119 b/w photographs, provided an outline of his work in the years between 1951 and 1971. Dennis Stock accompanied the shooting of numerous films and his pictures… Read more »

Max Bill

Max Bill‘s work is due to the idea that beauty emerges from rational, scientifically comprehensive order in which the difference between everyday design problems and works of painting or sculpture is merely one of degree, not of kind. (Max Bill: Feststellungen, 1974-76). With his universal approach, Max Bill produced a broad and complex range of… Read more »

Engineers of the Sea

The exhibition included a selection of exclusive photographs taken by the photographer Roberto Rinaldi while taking part in the latest coral reef expedition of the Cousteau Society, which set sail in 2003 – 50 years after the first expedition of its founder Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Supported by the International Watch Company (IWC) Schaffhausen, this project focused… Read more »

Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson – Sculptures of the American Dream focused on the artist‘s fundamental theme: the American everyday life with its disappointed hopes and wishes. Duane Hanson’s figures depict those who did not fully succeed in their quest for the American Dream. Some of his first critical realistic sculptures had been included, too. Furthermore, series of… Read more »


With 200 first class objects, this exhibition illustrated the life and work of the great Corsican Napoleon. Paintings by the important French painters Jacques Louis David (1748 – 1825) and François Baron Gérard (1770 – 1837) identified the various stages of his glittering ascent to power and fame, but also the dark sides of his… Read more »

IWC Museum

In July 2007, the IWC Museum opened on the first floor of the historical headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The concept for the museum, which was set up by the Institute for Cultural Exchange, comprises the display of more than 230 carefully selected exhibits. Display cases, which appear to float in mid-air, impart the history, philosophy… Read more »

Tom Wesselmann

This European premier exhibition about the work of the important American Pop Artist Tom Wesselmann (born in 1931) was appreciated for the first time in Europe in a comprehensive retrospective. Over 100 paintings, collages, objects and designs which were created by the artist between 1959 and 1993 have been part of the exhibtion. The Exhibition is… Read more »

A Forest of Sculptures

The Collection Simon Spierer comprises sculptures of highly distinguished artists, from Early Modern such as Constantin Brancusi, Max Ernst and Alberto Giacometti to Contemporary Art, e.g. Günther Uecker, Graham Williams and Vera Röhm The collector focused on mainly vertical sculptures so that the idea of a “Forest of Sculptures” soon was born. Each sculpture stands… Read more »